giovedì 27 gennaio 2011


We deeply believe in the power of DIY and the projects of this great site confirm our beliefs!

This is for example a good way to start both creating your own synth with your hands and entering the world of drone for about 100 dollars

it's basically a two voiced synth with with lfos that create a wall of bleeps and drones, no keyboard, you can't play melodies with this, but put it into some reverbs and delays and you can create cool soundscapes and drones for the next 300 years ...
The unit needs a normal 9volts power, it means that can be powered by  your guitar pedal power supply and most important it's totally customizable.
You can choose the look of the unit and house it in the most freak and weird boxes

you can modify and expand the circuit as well
for example

this is the experience of a guy building it

so what are waiting for?
Go out and kill those boring neighbours with a full on volume blasting 24 hours session of your new WEIRD SOUND GENERATOR!

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