lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

The FUTURE of Guitar Pedals

Well, we are great fans of boutique /handmade pedals, there's a lot of cool manufacturers and wonderful sounding pedals out there, but nothing seems to be so innovativative like theEFECTOR 13 CONSOLE II
the idea came out of the vulcanic mind of the "Empress of Fuzz" also know as Devi Ever.
She started the biz with Effector 13, created legendary pedals (Truly Beautiful Disaster, Vintage Fuzz Master, Improbability Drive ) used by great musicians like Nine Inch Nails, then she created a new brand, Devi Ever FX, and everyone thought that Effector 13 was dead forever.
Effector 13 is back with a kick ass new project!
Basically the Console is a modular pedal, you can change the cartridges and with just one console you can have all the pedals you want!
Yes, because The Console is a platform, a standard on wich other manufacturers can work, this is the complete list of the developers as of today

So you have a wide choice of different fx and brands just like a modular synth or just like the API Lunchbox.
This is great in the studio but also on stage because you can change the right cartridge for the job very quickly without plugging and unplugging cables and you can also invert the order of the carts in five seconds and the carts are much smaller and lighter than pedals!
But more than words can videos ... this is Devi presenting her new creature

The Console can pre ordered contacting Devi on her site, we warmly suggest to visit
because is full of great Fuzz Pedals and the Forum section is a world wide community of fuzz lovers, very very nice people there!

mercoledì 9 febbraio 2011

Out of the winter, into the Spring(s) - Ekdahl Moisturizer the most inspiring spring reverb in town.

3 exposed touchable/playable Springs
an analog filter
an LFO
a vintage looking enclosure
loads of tweakability
cool optional mods
DIY ethics
that's the Ekdahl Moisturizer!

Ok, you could say, but why should I use it?

- Well first of all use it as a stereo spring reverb!
You can filter the frequencies you don't like with the on board analog filter, and you can get that old school reverbs with guitars, synths, vocals etc. and modulate the sound touching  the springs ... your body will act as part of the circuit and feel the EEEEEEELECTRIIICIIITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of the spring running through your veins.

- Second turn on the Feedback function and play it like a synth

- Third you can use it as noise maker, just play the springs and have fun

- Fourth connect it to your analog synth via the CV I/O on the back and fly on your psychedelik trip to saturn ...
you don't believe me?
listen here:

Not enough, want more?
this is the demo of the smart DIY mods suggested by Knas

and these are the Moisturizer MODS clearly explained.
So needless to say that we are in love with this crazy unit ... 
and we are not alone, Mr. Richard Devine agrees with us:

The Ekdahl Moisturizer, experiments with slinky coils. from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Sell your digital reverb 
to some tacky plastic guy 
and get moisturized!

lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

Death to digital - BISCUIT // OTO

We love Analog sounds
We adore Tubes
We like physical controls
We are into organic electronics
We wanna dusty and crackling pots
We wanna feel the electricity of analog gear
We wanna dirty fat vintage sounding units
We hate the perfection
We hate the polished coldness of Digital
that's why the only digital sounds we like are the destroyed ones.
The only digital fx we like are bit crushers beacuse they convert analog into digital and then blasts the digital information just as it deserves and send it back crushed, distorted and destroyed to the analog domain... our favourite Bit Crusher is the OTO Biscuit it also has an analog Filter after the DAC,

check out what it can do with a guitar and a simple delay

Frack Off Digital!