lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

The FUTURE of Guitar Pedals

Well, we are great fans of boutique /handmade pedals, there's a lot of cool manufacturers and wonderful sounding pedals out there, but nothing seems to be so innovativative like theEFECTOR 13 CONSOLE II
the idea came out of the vulcanic mind of the "Empress of Fuzz" also know as Devi Ever.
She started the biz with Effector 13, created legendary pedals (Truly Beautiful Disaster, Vintage Fuzz Master, Improbability Drive ) used by great musicians like Nine Inch Nails, then she created a new brand, Devi Ever FX, and everyone thought that Effector 13 was dead forever.
Effector 13 is back with a kick ass new project!
Basically the Console is a modular pedal, you can change the cartridges and with just one console you can have all the pedals you want!
Yes, because The Console is a platform, a standard on wich other manufacturers can work, this is the complete list of the developers as of today

So you have a wide choice of different fx and brands just like a modular synth or just like the API Lunchbox.
This is great in the studio but also on stage because you can change the right cartridge for the job very quickly without plugging and unplugging cables and you can also invert the order of the carts in five seconds and the carts are much smaller and lighter than pedals!
But more than words can videos ... this is Devi presenting her new creature

The Console can pre ordered contacting Devi on her site, we warmly suggest to visit
because is full of great Fuzz Pedals and the Forum section is a world wide community of fuzz lovers, very very nice people there!

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