lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

Death to digital - BISCUIT // OTO

We love Analog sounds
We adore Tubes
We like physical controls
We are into organic electronics
We wanna dusty and crackling pots
We wanna feel the electricity of analog gear
We wanna dirty fat vintage sounding units
We hate the perfection
We hate the polished coldness of Digital
that's why the only digital sounds we like are the destroyed ones.
The only digital fx we like are bit crushers beacuse they convert analog into digital and then blasts the digital information just as it deserves and send it back crushed, distorted and destroyed to the analog domain... our favourite Bit Crusher is the OTO Biscuit it also has an analog Filter after the DAC,

check out what it can do with a guitar and a simple delay

Frack Off Digital!

2 commenti:

  1. we want it in a rack in the control room! magic

  2. Oh YEAH!!!
    Great tool for a "creative filtering corner"
    in a studio!
    We Love LA SAUNA!!!!